Cool day vol2

Yesterday was also a good day. Me and my dad went to Kotka(yes I know… again :D) but today we went to the candle shop and I really love candles! Specially

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My top 4 sights to visit in Estonia

Hello again!

So I went to the Estonia maybe 3 weeks ago?? And then an idea of this blog post came into my head and I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

So I want to write about Estonian places you should visit 🙂

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Kas sina oled pohhuist?? and #30daysofforgiveness….

Tere! Kes mäletab, siis kui ma käisin Tartus siis ma sain endale Malluka raamatu(seda saab lugeda SIIT) Olin sellest raamatust väga vaimustuses ja kui koju jõudsin hakkasin seda kohe lugema…. ja no lugesin selle raamatu ikka väääga kiiresti läbi :D, sest see oli lihtsalt nii huvitav! Seda lugedes mind valdas palju emotsioone, sain naerda ja nutta. Mis oli minu jaoks väga üllatav, ma ju ei nuta kui ma loen mingit raamatut :D…

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What to do when you’re stressed out??

I read my old blog post witch was “It’s Q&A time!!” post and my one answer was like “I don’t wanna think ahead I want to live in the moment” But now I’ve noticed that I’ll think about future and this is so bad thing… yesterday I said to myself that I’ll survive second year in High School(I don’t know why I still think about school stuff 😀 but I try not to think of it anymore…)  and this is true :). Everyone can survive of anything…

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