Üks ebaõnnestunud kook ja palju muud…

Täna ärkasin ma super vara ülesse, kell 7.30. Pidin minema jälle füsioterapeudi juurde Loimale ja juba hommikul oli mul plaanid tehtud! — Mina hakkan kooki küpsetama ja teen smuutit :D. Mõeldud-tehtud. Loimale sõites

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Please help Tobias!

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: kissa
Photo is taken from this site

EDIT: Tobias got the surgery and maybe he’ll get new home too😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy!!!

So today I wanna write a blog post in English because I really hope that then more people will help this cat!

I follow ” Tartu Kassikaitse” page on Facebook, this organization is like shelter for
abandoned animals and I really love these kind of organizations! And I have to say when I saw this photo… this… just broke my heart.

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My crazy week

Omg I’m on fire! Like this is my second blog post on this day 😀

Like this week has been like emotional rollercoaster… I had so many feelings inside me such as happiness, excitement, sadness, fear.

I still think that will I publish this or not 😀 because this will be very personal…

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Bye Blogger!

I’ve decided to move my blog back to WordPress! Yeah, that’s right. The reason is that when I tried to change my Blogger theme I couldn’t! At first somehow my very first post was “protected by password” so anyone who visited my site wouldn’t get throw because of this stupid password… So this popped up even when I tried 3(!) different themes and still this popped up in internet as well… I thought that “omg this is it! I’m stick with this one ‘shitty’ theme with my whole life” (Like I don’t think that theme is extremely good either…)

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