Cool day vol2

Yesterday was also a good day. Me and my dad went to Kotka(yes I know… again :D) but today we went to the candle shop and I really love candles! Specially

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Super cool day!

Eilne päev oli üldiselt tegus! Ma koristasin ja tegin isegi 10 min trenni, millest terve aja ma lihtsalt surin!! Konkreetselt surin, sest no nii raske oli neid harjutusi teha…

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My crazy week

Omg I’m on fire! Like this is my second blog post on this day 😀

Like this week has been like emotional rollercoaster… I had so many feelings inside me such as happiness, excitement, sadness, fear.

I still think that will I publish this or not 😀 because this will be very personal…

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Bye Blogger!

I’ve decided to move my blog back to WordPress! Yeah, that’s right. The reason is that when I tried to change my Blogger theme I couldn’t! At first somehow my very first post was “protected by password” so anyone who visited my site wouldn’t get throw because of this stupid password… So this popped up even when I tried 3(!) different themes and still this popped up in internet as well… I thought that “omg this is it! I’m stick with this one ‘shitty’ theme with my whole life” (Like I don’t think that theme is extremely good either…)

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