About me

Who am I?

Hi! I’m an estonian blogger and  if you’re wondering why I’m blogging then it’s because of that I love writing(L), it’s a little bit a hobby for me and later it’s so cool to watch what I wrote :D.
Let me tell some facts about me:
  • I live in Finland.
  • I love to write and read books.
  • I love summer and autumn!
  • I registered my blog on WordPress first time 10.02.16 and second time 13.07.19(if you wanna know why click here)
  • I love cats and dogs.
  • I love Estonia!
  • In my free-time I’m blogging or just watching Netflix.
I’ve taken part of EBA2017, EBA2018 and EBA2019(Estonian Blog Award). And I was so surprised because on first year I got 70+ votes, second year 92 votes and now third year 120 votes, which is CRAZZZYYYY!!! Thank you!! I love to read other people’s blogs and comment too:)

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