Oh my sweet Tumblr!

For those who don’t know I have a Trumblr account! from year 2016 :D. I also made my very very very first blog post there called ” Did you know this?” I wrote about that my whole class went to the camping to the forest(we were at 6 grade :D)

I haven’t really liked my Tumblr themes I’ve always switched them BUT now I think I found the right one!

Like I made all things by myself(except the theme) and I’m pretty proud of myself! I even changed my avatar picture because I was tired of the old one 😀

And I’ll continue blogging here of course! But I’ll just reblogging and doing all stuff there too(sometimes I’m even more active there than here my blog :D)

But yeah like selecting the right theme was so hard and like one time I deleted accidentally my whole posts because I tried to upload by myself a new theme… it didn’t work 😀

I really like those Social icons! I remember that I’ve read an article about that Tumblr is a toxic place… I don’t really know, like I only follow positive accounts.

If you don’t use Tumblr (yet) then you SHOULD! because I really like those pictures and I get so much inspiration too. I really like some studyblr’s!

Btw I’ve really wanted to blog but I just don’t have enough time! But that’s alright 🙂

I’ll add some pics here too :

So yeah! I know this post is pretty useless 😀 but I don’t care!

Today I studied too so I’m super tired! It’s 22:46 PM so I’m going to sleep!

PS: I even now changed that pre text when you go to my Tumblr account! Like there were always that “Your custom text goes here” text and i was like how can I change that?? Now I did it! Yay!

PPS: I just really like my Tumblr theme!! But my real blog theme is also so good!!

EDIT: I failed like so many times like when I tried to put flagcounter but now I did it! It wasn’t so hard at all when I googled like a little bit 😀

Goodnight everyone!

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