Good Girls series😂

I wanted to blog about this series “Good girls” maybe a month ago but I got like 10 blog post ideas so I wrote other blog posts 😀 BUT now I’ll blog about it :).

So Good girls is so funny and honestly I laughed so hard when I watched it! I finished this maybe in 2 or 3 days (it has 2 seasons). I also have to say that I had like “heavy”/tense feeling… I think that I empathized a little bit too much(as usually :D) But yeah… It’s still funny!

I don’t wanna spoil anything,,, you can watch it HERE or HERE. And if you think “What kind of show it is?? :O” then you can read it here :).

Okay… I think that’s my shortest blog post ever!! But I hope you liked it anyway :).

OMG! I just read an article about that there might be coming a 3. season!!! I really wish that’s true!! If you’re also a big fan you can read it here 😀

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