Cool day vol2

Yesterday was also a good day. Me and my dad went to Kotka(yes I know… again :D) but today we went to the candle shop and I really love candles! Specially

scented candles(L). So I bought like so many candles and I almost dropped one in shop… ups. I thought that I’ll be soon like Jennifer from Scream Queens:D(because of the candles :D) But yeah Scream Queens is so good series! 

So here’s pictures of candles  from shop called “Havi Outlet” Like this is so cool shop :). 

I really like this Snufkin candle! 

So then we went to the Flea market and oh boy I found like so many things for myself! But I really love this book! “Breaking Dawn” by Stephenie Meyer and I started to read this as soon as I got it and it’s so cool! Like at first… never mind, like I’ll make a new blog post of it ­čśë (If I don’t read it 1000 years :D) but yeah I have like so many things which I want to say!  

I love all these stuff! Like the cat figures are so cool and this star tidy(?) and yeah… 

If someone read this post then I wish you a good Sunday!


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