My top 4 sights to visit in Estonia

Hello again!

So I went to the Estonia maybe 3 weeks ago?? And then an idea of this blog post came into my head and I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

So I want to write about Estonian places you should visit 🙂

Pildiotsingu lennusadam tallinn tulemus
  • Seaplane Harbour: At first I wanna say that  Tallinn is one coolest city in Estonia. And there are so many sights but one my favorite place is Seaplane Harbour, I’ve been there and omgg I have to say that it was so cool! I definitely wanna go back there! Here you can find more information! But really I recommend it so much!!
  • Kuressaare Castle: This is in Saarema and I’ve been there but I was so young that I don’t remember much of it… I just remember that I had a very big snail which was my “pet” 😀 #lol. But yeah “what would you do in Saaremaa?”…. example you should visit Kuressaare Castle, I’ve also heard that it’s an incredible place to visit in Saaremaa ;).  If you’re interested then click here
Pildiotsingu pühajärv tulemus
So I think that we have so amazing places in Estonia and I will definitely want to go to the Taevaskoja Nature Trail… at some point. I wish you all good weekend and have an amazing summer!

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