Bye Blogger!

I’ve decided to move my blog back to WordPress! Yeah, that’s right. The reason is that when I tried to change my Blogger theme I couldn’t! At first somehow my very first post was “protected by password” so anyone who visited my site wouldn’t get throw because of this stupid password… So this popped up even when I tried 3(!) different themes and still this popped up in internet as well… I thought that “omg this is it! I’m stick with this one ‘shitty’ theme with my whole life” (Like I don’t think that theme is extremely good either…)

So now I’m moving my blog back to the WordPress! My sweet home :D! Oh btw you’ll all see my blog posts also there! Now when I think about Blogger and WordPress, I think that WordPress is better! Because you can have like so much better themes there than here Blogger.
And also Blogger site looks like 1800s 😀
I don’t know what to think anymore… like I tried everything and still I F…. CAN’T USE ANY OTHER THEMES!! I’m actually kinda relieved…. I hope that at least someone would continue reading my blog :).
Well… goodbye Blogger and Hi WordPress! 😀
Btw my new blog adress will be :

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