Bella Throne and Whoopi Goldberg’s drama

Hi everyone! It’s glad to be writing again :). I read an article about Bella Throne and Whoopi Goldberg’s drama(those who can understand finnish then link is HERE)

So I’m little bit lazy and I can’t “manage” to write the whole drama to here and who said something and who cried and all that shit 😀 Sorry guys… if you don’t know this “huge” drama then I’ll add youtube video here:

Well I watched it too and I have some thoughts too… like I wanna say that Whoopi has A POINT! Because in my opinion you shouldn’t take these kind of photos of yourself SPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE A CELEBRITY!  but then it maybe makes girls feel sexy/or loved/or wanted about themselves?? But still now days anyone can hack your phone and BOOM the pics are online… 
I don’t get that why Bella feels disgusting… like you did it and when someone has an opinion and she said it then you’re so against it… like what do you expected??? That everyone are so happy about it?? 
But I feel like Bella hadn’t a choice… like I would be  soooo afraid when someone hack to my phone… so I don’t know… Kinda Whoopi has point but maybe Throne hadn’t a choice…. we don’t know…. but I still wanna say that people shouldn’t take these pics because there are waaay more alternatives to feel sexy… like I just think I’m pretty and I love myself the way I’m I don’t have to take pics of me when I’m naked…
But I think that when you get all this hate it’s pretty harsh… and I DO WANNA SAY THAT I WON’T HATE BELLA OR ANY GIRL/BOY/OTHER GENDER WHO TAKES NAKED PICS…  
I love Bella’s songs and movies which she’s acting… but this action was…. very surprising! 
Oh I remember just now that her ex boyfriend was scared that his naked pics would also come into internet… like omgg! Who would take/send naked photos to anyone? It’s disgusting and I can say that I haven’t done anything like that never!!
And I get that this line ” what did you expected” could sound also a little harsh but I wasn’t angry or something… I was just very very very very confused! Oh and now I think that anyone can do whatever they want! Like I think that Whoopi isn’t a perfect human being… so isn’t I… 
PS: This post could feel like I don’t have a “clear” opinon… I have but I thought this topic in many ways… so I think that isn’t “right” to take these pics but again it’s anyone’s choice, so when you want to do it then go for it 😀 (okay don’t :DD)  Oh and it was so sweet that Tana and Zendaya stood up for Bella(L)
So I wish that all of my blog readers would not trigger of this post… I love you!! 

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