What to do when you’re stressed out??

I read my old blog post witch was “It’s Q&A time!!” post and my one answer was like “I don’t wanna think ahead I want to live in the moment” But now I’ve noticed that I’ll think about future and this is so bad thing… yesterday I said to myself that I’ll survive second year in High School(I don’t know why I still think about school stuff 😀 but I try not to think of it anymore…)  and this is true :). Everyone can survive of anything…

I think that everyone have been stressed out at some point of life and I know that this isn’t cool feeling… Example yesterday I was so nervous about one thing and when it was over I was so relieved but still when you’re nervous/stressed out it isn’t good for anyone’s health.

So when you’re stressed out/nervous/anxious and you feel like you can’t do anything to get rid of it then you still have chances…

  • For example you can do yoga(I love yoga btw, I like to watch Adriene’s videos) And I think today I’ll do this yoga of her’s :
  • Then you can do breathing exercises like for example you can watch this video:
I really liked to watch this video :). 
  • You can always do some kind of workout 😀 because it releases some positive hormones in your body or something like that( I really like to do workout :D). For example if you don’t know what exercises you can do, you can always watch some Youtube videos. I like Pamela’s workout videos, so you can watch this video:
  • Go outside because fresh air can do miracles to you! Like already 5-10 minutes makes you feel better! 
  • Read some books, because reading is so interesting thing to do and I personally love so so much to read some books! Like really 😀 I read right now “The Shining” by Stephen King and oh boy it’s so interesting book I’ve also seen a movie but now when I read this book this is waayy better than movie :D. I also love “100 tapaa uudistua ja kukoistaa” by Tuomas Mikkonen like this book is kinda self-help book and I love it too! Maybe I’ll do a longest blog post of these books someday ;). 
  • Spot 5 things in the room or sounds which you hear, this will help you be also in present :). 
You can also do waay more things than these things which were in this blog post if you wanna learn more about these things you can visit THIS site on there are 101 things what you can do when you’re stressed out…
I really really hope that these 6 hacks helped you or will help you… for me these definitely do! 🙂
 Have an amazing summer!

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