Bye Kotka, hello Estonia

Hi everyone! I haven’t wrote anything on blog, because I’ve been very busy… I packed on Wednesday( 19.6.19) and came to the Kotka at the same time…

And now I’m going to write about what I did in Kotka. I can imagine like how long this post will be :D…

I was in Kotka 3 days and then I went to Estonia( btw I’m in Estonia now..) and I did so cool things… for example me my dad and P. grilled outside meat and when we ate we went by the lake?? and my dad went to swim and omg the water was so cold but weather itself was warm :D. And I finished “Under The Dome” series… like the end was so cool and I really hope that they will made someday season 4 :(. Oh and my sleep pattern is so fucked up :D…

Oh I forgot to say that my dad ordered me 3 Marina`s albums!! Like this is so cool :D….

On Friday I read like so many blogs and I started to write this blog post and I was so annoyed because of my computer is so big and this keyboard looks so seperate and I can´t write normally and omgg when I write this again it get´s me angry again :DD… Like when I did school work on this computer it was fine but now… oh and this computer is now slow  too… but what ever I can handle it :D. But this day wasn’t so awful at all, me, my dad, P. and her friend went “swim” to the sea and we ordered pizza and it was so delicious. I didn’t swim at all 😀 I just sunbathed 😀 like in outside it was like 28℃ :D. We were there like maybe 4 hours and  later we went to the P´s place and then her friend baked a cake and my dad grilled again meat and it was so cool just sit there and talk about things and the cake was so delicious as well…On Saturday I woke up at 3 AM because me and my dad went to the Estonia this day. We were at Helsinki like 8 AM. At the ship I ate “breakfast” which was a beaked roll with cheese and ham and I drinked apple juice and blueperry smoothie it was so delicious. Then I slept a little and when I woke up we went to the store, I bought myself like a caramel candy at it was so good. I love like sweets :D. When we finally were at Estonia I was so relieved because this trip was so nervous to me.
At home I slept like maybe 4 and 30 hours and because of that I went to bed like 4 AM on
Sunday 😀 And I don’t know why but I’m like so nervous again… like I “afraid” something oeh… I think I’ll meditate, this will help me 🙂 also I saw like so awkward dream like I was “bullied” or something like that.. that was awful!Okay I wrote like hella long blog post but I don’t give a shit 😀 because this blog post is so fun and I love it!Have a great day!


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