Talking about MARINA’s albums…. and other global stuff…

Hi everyone! Today I wanna talk about singer MARINA. I’ve heard her  songs before one of them was “Primadonna”. I’ve listened her 3 albums which are:
Pildiotsingu electra heart deluxe version tulemus

“Electra Heart” Deluxe version. Like I really liked this album because like her voice is amazing also the electronical music was very good. . I was like so surprised because in one song she’s so confident and other song sucicidial. I was very surprised like how good this album really was! When I listened “Primadonna” I found a genius lyrics and she said some interesting things which  I liked some things she said, for example:

It’s about not needing anybody when it comes to love—your raison d’être is to live for adoration.

 I knew when I got the idea to write it that it would hopefully change my career. I think I just thought of the title one night before I went to bed and I wrote it down and then about two months later I wrote it. And really it’s about wanting to be number one, and not necessarily anything to do with my career, but just with regards to being with someone.

It was a little bit hard to pick favorite songs, but here they’re :

  • Primadonna- It’s still good song!! I remember when I was 11 and I loved this song already… Like omg her voice is so good and the video is pretty cool for example that black and white scene.
  • Lies- I like her voice and beat itself… It’s just good song! Video is too interesting!!
  • POWER AND CONTROL- Omg I knew at the beginning of this song that’s this is so good song!! I like this song so much! 
  • Strarring Role- I like that this is a slow song and melody is pretty good… I like how her voice is kinda high and then low… 
Pildiotsingu froot album tulemus

 “Froot”  I have to say that this album isn’t my most favorite but in my opinion it’s worse than “Electra Heart” But I still like that with this album I feel like she’s grown so much :)… I didn’t like so many songs in this album but I still liked some songs…

EDIT: I listened this album again and I love it😂❤️ 

Songs which I liked were:

  • Happy- Omg this is so positive song and I like it so much but funny thing with this song is that melody and music are sounding sad but I still like it! It’s cool that she doesn’t do something “basic” for example I’ve assumed that when the title is “Happy”, beat has also positive vibe :D. Omg I got goosebumps when I listen this song… 
  • Blue- Wow there’s the same thing… the message of this song is that she doesn’t want to feel blue anymore… so I guess a little bit sad… but the beat sounds happy… I like this song too! Video is also cool!
  • Forget- I like this song because I can somehow relate to this song 😀 and it’s kinda positive I think…. I love that when she sings “Forgeeeeeeeet forgeeeeet….” 
  • Savages- I remember at first when I listened this song I kinda didn’t like this song but I also liked it… The lyrics of this song are… describing our society?? or modern world?? Like all these things has happened in world….  but yeah now I like this song and the beat is also good :). 

Pildiotsingu love + fear album tulemus

 And finally “LOVE + FEAR”( the best album of her’s😉) Like I listened this album first time yesterday(16.06.19) and I just fell in love with this album! Btw I have to say that this album is so different than her older stuff and I like it :).  Omg now it’s so hard to me pick my favorite songs 😟… like THIS WHOLE FUCKIN’ ALBUM IS A MASTERPIECE!! But remember I love this album so much so I love/like all songs of this song but my most most favorite ones are:

  • Handmade Heaven- I love the high notes and this song is so good and the video is so interesting! 
  • Superstar- I like that she has found a person who she loves and she doesn’t sing about heartbroken anymore… I’m glad she’s happy :)… and omg this oh oh oh oh sounds so good… 
  • True- Omg this is so good song!! The lyrics are so good in this song!!! I think that this is my power song!!! Like omg the pre-chorus is so good also bridge!! Like I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG SOOO MUUUCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Omgg I have so many more songs which I like… but….
  • Human- Like I felt that I really connected with this song… Lyrics are good… and the video…. it’s describing so well what happens/ has happened in world and HUMANS did that. I watched Genius video(btw I love this video💓 watch it HERE) and I liked a few things what she said: 

 Nothing is ever really what it seems, you can have something that’s painted gold but you can’t really see the chips and cracks 

 If people were up in a stars looking down at us, what would they thinking?

 Like wow wisely said… I also liked the music video like it shows all the things and I agree with all that example “Actually gun does kill people” or something like that and one thing pisses me off! It’s that people can’t accept gays trans and all people who are in LGBT community and black people… LIKE WE’RE ALL HUMANS…. WHY WE CAN’T ACCEPT OTHERS????? Like I personally think that everyone has same rights and everyone are equal!!!

So yeah I really enjoyed writing this blog post and I still listened her albums while I wrote this post to you guys :).  I just love her last album so much! 
I also wanna say that I love her songs with Clean Bandit too like Baby is so good song and so is Disconnect”! 

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