Myday 6.06.19

Hi I went today to the city with my mom and my sister. We went to the different shops and I got like maybe 3 things and I’m so happy because of them! I put pics down below:

1st thing which I wanted to try was Charcoal Pore Strips by 7th Heaven… when I got home I tried these pore strips immediately and at first my nose itched a little bit it was on my nose like 20 mins and when I took it away on my nose like first time really worked and pores really were in this pore strip 😀

Second thing which I really wanted was this book ” 100 ways to be reformed and bloom” And everyday I’ll read one tip and then I have a thing which I have to do this day, for example in day 7 I have to love my problems and think which are good and bad things in this problem,.. it’s really good book and maybe one day I’ll blog about this book 🙂

And finally this t-shirt! It looks so good and I LOVE it so much!
Like loook how cool it is!! I definitely wore this someday💓

I want to say that I listened then first time Katy Perry’s new song “Never Really Over” and at first I didn’t like this song, but now I love it so much! I also listened her last album “Witness” and watched her YouTube live “Will You Be My Witness?” and I absolutely loved it so much! And her last album was so gooood! Like she is so cool and she really cares about her fans💓💓💓💓💓
Like I listened Katy Perry’s song “Firework” and I loved it so much… I’m now 17 and I still love her songs…

Have a nice week!!


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