New blog theme

Hi again everyone! As you all can see I updated my blog theme :). And I’m pretty satisfied with it! Like I didn’t like the old one anymore and I just watched like 5 more themes and I didn’t know which one to pick :D…

But now I made a decision and I had to change the gadgets in my blog… omgg this was pain in my ass really! Like it wasn’t quite good at first, and all my old gadgets were gone, but luckily same gadgets which I had in old theme are now in my new theme too, so yay!!

I really like this new theme and I also made an profile for me 😀 you can also subscribe my blog so easily now!! And the background of my blog is also pretty good :).
I remember when my blog was on WordPress and I changed my blog theme like omgg in one month like 10 times?? Because I wasn’t satisfied, but this one is like almost same as on WordPress :).

But yeah I don’t know what to say anymore, so enjoy my blog 🙂 !!


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