My most favorite pins… and other things…

Hello! Today I wanna add to my blog like my most 10 favorite pins which I’ve had on my Pinterest page :). 
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This post today is for encouragement! Be strong and courageous is mentioned throughout Scripture. It's good for us as well. Check out our blog for words, quotes and verses to embolden you and give you courage today~

This is so true!! 


I love tattoos too and I’ve saved like so many tattoo pins 😀

Omg today I really can relate this!!

I was so afraid to fail and all that, but I’ll keep this in mind 🙂

I have to say that I’ve thought about this alot lately… it’s kinda my moto 😀

Fine Art Prints Contemporary art Watercolor Mountains | Etsy

OMG I wanna paint this pic!! I love painting so much!

London Calling! Did you know over 300 languages are spoken in London? So the chances of someone speaking the same language as you is very high. #photosnotpasswords

I’ve always loved London💓💓

Doing these 21 things and you can have an amazing sleep

As you can see you can find good hacks/tips too on Pinterest


I’ve found like all blogger stuff too on Pinterest and I love it 🙂

Why not fill oven-baked donut churros with Nutella? This Pillsbury-based dessert mash-up, inspired by Cafe Delites, is the best of both worlds and crazy simple. Get yourself primed for some quality Netflix and... churro time. Sorry.

Omg I wanna bake these!! 

So I hope that you guys are enjoying my blog post, because I definitely wanna read this blog post again someday 😀
Btw I’ve started to watching a series called “Under the Dome” and I’m almost watched a whole 1st season :D… 
Oh and I watched “You” like maybe 2 weeks ago?? And I was so …. dissapointed(Let me tell more about this series in my next blog post 😉 )

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