I’m happy…

Hi everyone! I’m really thinking about like should I publish this blog post or not… 
Anyway… I have felt little bit sad about my blogging habit and all blog thing, example I thought that I’ll be again last one on EBA(I’ve taken part now like 3 times and two times I’ve been last one :D…) 
But now I’m happy because ppl all around the world has visited my site and I have like maybe 4 comments also ­čśÇ Thank you guys!! I’m still so happy about one interview with ├Ľhtuleht (which happened like 2 years ago??) (it was because EBA) and guess what! ├Ľhtuleht is doing interview again with bloggers and they haven’t sent the questions to me… SHAME ON YOU ├ĽL!… okay I’m kidding ­čśÇ and this blog post isn’t this (“OMG LOOK AT ME, I’M FAMOUS”) like hell nah! I’m not, I’m like small-time blogger and I enjoy it and I wanna show other small-time bloggers that it’s okay that you don’t have like soo much comments/likes/followers…. like I have a few followers on Twitter… but I still like when ppl likes my tweets or something like that ­čśÇ 
Like look I had today only 6 views, like this isn’t the end of the world… someday I don’t have any views and this is totally fine, because I’ll remind myself that I’m doing this to myself :D….
And I still have 0 followers and this is totally fine, because I know that ppl who like to read my blog will read it… and people who are jealous can go away! They don’t have to read my blog… 
Oh and I’m still happy about that  decision like I would be an anonymous blogger with fake name ­čśÇ because in that way all these  blogging things are easier. Like when I started blogging I was so scared of revealing my real name and all that shit… and then I decided that I will use name “THEPROUDKING” and I love it!
Oh and right now while I’m writing this blog post I’m also editing my blog whole theme :D… I really like TENZBA’s theme (L) but I’ll continue editing my theme and I’ll complete this blog post… I feel like my text looks like mess but I don’t care!

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