Hello wordl!

Hi everyone! I wanna explain why I started a new blog:). I used WordPress and my old blog name was theproudking.wordpress.com. I started in 10.02.2016 and I was thinking that blogging is waste of time… but after one year I found out that that was a lie, because after ONE YEAR I got an 1000+ views and I was so happy and all that stuff.

Nowdays I don’t blog so often, because I’m in  high school and it’s kinda stressful(I would make a blogpost about Finnish high school…)
But today I accidentally connected my blog with Tumblr and all my Tumblr posts went to my blog site and suddenly I had over a 8000 blogposts and it was so stressful, because I wanted to fix it but I couldn’t :(. So all my hard work for 2 years was just worthless and I deleted my lovely blog. Luckily I kept like maybe my 20 most favorite blogposts and I will publish those to this blog!
I’m so stupid and I’m back where I started… and it’s kinda scary all my WordPress followers don’t know what happened…
But even when no one comes to my blog then that’s fine, because I love it and I don’t care that do people wanna read it or not, if they like it then i’m happy for it:)


2 thoughts on “Hello wordl!

  1. Hi! I read your blog before(when it was on WordPress) and I'm so happy that you didn't stop blogging, you just kept going! I like to read your blog:)


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