Bye Blogger!

I’ve decided to move my blog back to WordPress! Yeah, that’s right. The reason is that when I tried to change my Blogger theme I couldn’t! At first somehow my very first post was “protected by password” so anyone who visited my site wouldn’t get throw because of this stupid password… So this popped up even when I tried 3(!) different themes and still this popped up in internet as well… I thought that “omg this is it! I’m stick with this one ‘shitty’ theme with my whole life” (Like I don’t think that theme is extremely good either…)

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Oh my sweet Tumblr!

For those who don’t know I have a Trumblr account! from year 2016 :D. I also made my very very very first blog post there called ” Did you know this?” I wrote about that my whole class went to the camping to the forest(we were at 6 grade :D)

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Inimene ei tohi anonüümselt blogida??

Mul tuli täna 2 uut blogipostituse ideed. Aga noh alustan siis selle postitusega :D.

Nimelt lugesin Prinsessi blogipostitust Paksukese kohta(loe siit). Ja no kommenteerisin ka loomulikult, sest ma ei tea miks ma nii närvi läksin, aga mingeid suvalisi inimesi(nagu näiteks ühte Krisi) ajab närvi, et Paksuke võtab nii laiapinnaliselt sõna ise anonüümne olles. Nagu mida?? Mind hullult häirib see, et inimestele jääb se anonüümsus ette…

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